All of the graphics are saved as GIF files. They are designed for a white background.

bar.gif - 4 K

blank.gif - 1.3 K You can use a paint program like Paint Shop Pro to add your own text to this blank button.

bullet.gif - 0.2 K back.gif - 1.6 K home.gif - 1.6 K email.gif - 1.6 K links.gif - 1.6 K view.gif - 1.6 K sign.gif - 1.6 K guestbk.gif - 1.7 K search.gif - 1.6 K backward.gif - 0.5 K forward.gif - 0.5 K

The dimensions for the background graphic used on this page are 1024 by 20 pixels and the file size is 1K:
background graphic

bar.gif - 4 K

How I Indented the Text on this Page

You can create a fake indent by placing two <UL> tags just inside the <BODY> tag. Then place the closing </UL> tags just inside the closing </Body> tag. This is a quick cheat to get the text to indent past the background graphic.

You can also create a fake indent using either the TABLE tag or borderless FRAMES. I used tables for this page. You can view the document source to see the codes.

Copying Graphics

The instructions for copying a graphic apply to Netscape, Internet Explorer, and NCSA Mosaic for Windows. To copy a graphic:

  1. Move your cursor over the graphic.
  2. Press the right mouse button.
  3. Choose Save this Image As from the pop-up menu.
  4. Click on Save or OK button to save the image. (Pay attention to where the image is saved on your hard drive.)

bar.gif - 4 K

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